KARACHI: Spokesman Bilawal House and Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister for Human Rights Surendar Valasai has strongly criticized the spokesman of the Indian External Affairs Ministry for his remarks about the safety of minorities in Pakistan.
“Minorities in Pakistan are much safer and secure than their counterparts in India,” he said in a rejoinder.
Surendar Valasai stressed that the Modi government should stop atrocities against Muslims, Dalits, Christians, and Kashmiris instead of poking its nose in our internal matters.
He said FIR has already been registered in the brutal murder of Daya Bheel under anti-terrorism laws and investigations are moving ahead scientifically by able officers of Sindh Police and the real culprits will soon be in the clutches of law.
Even Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had taken notice of this gory incident and directed the Sindh government for swift action against those involved, he added.


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