Staff Report
KARACHI: Dr. Seemi Jamali Executive Director Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) and director Emergency has been admitted to a private hospital in Karachi. Sources in Jinnah hospital confirmed that Dr. Seemi Jamali was ill and admitted to a private hospital a day before Eid.

However, it was not confirmed about the disease and reason for admission in a private hospital. Earlier on May 29, 2020, her husband and head of an orthopedic department JPMC Dr. A.R Jamali was also infected with COVID-19 and admitted to a private hospital.


  1. AoA
    Seemi,I am learning through YouTube,that you are.admitted in hospital. May.god give you.Nd Dr
    Jamalli early recovery.

  2. I wanna ask Dr.seemi jamali, she always claims a high standard of #jpmc ,if #jpmc is recognized as high standard hospital according to her then why did she not prefered get admitted in it ?

    • Gentleman pray for her early & complete recovery not to discuss standards of Hospital. GOD forbid you have to, you will also prefer to go to private hospital if not England

      • thats not fair to give services and manage low standard for others..although being in an authoritative position..thats a shame and complete hypocrisy..

      • Major, you are wrong, Citizens of Karachi, Sindh has every right to ask, why she is not admitted to JPMC, is JPMC not up to standard, then what she is doing there, why TAX PAYERS are paying her salary.

      • This poor country Is full of double standard n hypocrites. May Allah guide us. She is earning her living, fame n status from JPMC n get treatment from pvt hospital. May Allah give shifa to all patients including her but she must b sacked n tried for this.

      • Gentleman May Allah give her early recovery and sound health,but if head of the hospital is convinced that the hospital is not worth treating the head of that hospital herself then what’s the justifcation heading the institution,or its only for guinea pigs.This corona is a curse,and she should categorically close the facilities to treat corona.
        Plz don’t mind it May Allah save us all

  3. May Allah SWT give best of health to you & all who are suffering from any disease, burns & accidents. Allah swt keep us steadifast on eman.


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