Sindh Govt demands to remove PIA CEO Arshad Malik


“Arshad Malik and the head of civil aviation should be suspended so that they do not influence this inquiry committee. “We hold Arshad Malik and the head of civil aviation fully responsible for the tragedy,” Ghani said

KARACHI: Provincial Ministers Saeed Ghani, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah and Imtiaz Sheikh have said that the committee formed to probe the PIA plane crash is just a drama. The head of PIA Arshad Malik and the head of civil aviation should be removed immediately and an impartial commission of inquiry should be formed.

The DNA tests of the bodies of the martyrs who have not been identified so far have been completed and insha-Allah all the bodies will be handed over to their heirs within 10 days. The current situation of lockdown in Sindh will be maintained. However, the elites including Zafar Mirza, Punjab and KPK chief ministers are now talking about tightening the lockdown. What would the Prime Minister decide on the words of these elites? Yes, they are watching. In PIA, the PPP did not recruit anyone in 2008 but regularized them. These recruitments took place during the tenure of Mama Musharraf.

The federal government is fully responsible for the locust damage, as it did not spray in the desert in April despite promises. The Sindh government has released funds of Rs. 28 crore for locust heart spray. He expressed these views at a joint press conference at his camp office on Tuesday. Provincial Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the DNA test samples of the families of all the martyrs have been taken to the Sindh government’s own laboratory which is of international level and the results will start coming from tonight. In the next 10 days, the bodies of all the martyrs will be handed over to their heirs.

“Immediately after this tragic accident, the Chief Minister of Sindh and members of the Sindh Cabinet rushed to the spot. We are also grateful to the Pakistan Army, Rangers, Police, District Administration and the people of the area for their prompt response,” he said. Rescue operations began. “We are also grateful to Edhi and Cheppa Welfare for taking the martyrs and wounded to hospitals,” he said. Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani said that three women were working in the houses in the area in the tragedy and such news was being spread on social media that they were not receiving any help or treatment.

“Within a few hours of the tragedy, I and Nasir Shah reached the Burns Ward of Civil Hospital Burns Ward to a passenger named Zubair who was injured in the plane. We were then told that three women had also been brought here, but we Deliberately did not visit them as they were women but at the same time we had instructed the MS, the duty doctors present there and the health secretary to give full treatment to these women. After that Nasir Hussain Shah and Murtaza Wahab themselves met him on the second day of Eid and not only were they helped but also his family was told that if they wanted they could be treated in any private hospital wherever they wanted. Are ready Since then, I have spoken to the families of these women some time ago.

They have expressed their satisfaction with the treatment in Burns Ward. He said that there was no truth in the news on such social media and it was being run only to mislead the people. “We have also met the families of other victims of the plane crash, but we did not take the media with us, while some people went to their families for a media session and they themselves said that they were more concerned about them,” he said. Difficulties are being faced Saeed Ghani said that the Sindh government has shown utmost responsibility after this tragedy, but we have strong reservations about the committee formed by the federal government to investigate this tragedy.

He said that since the tragedy, PIA chief Arshad Malik has sometimes talked of birds crashing into the plane, sometimes blaming the expert and senior pilot for it and if he has decided then the investigation What is left of the committee? He said that the said inquiry committee belongs to those working under the management of Arshad Malik and at present Arshad Malik is an example of dictatorship in PIA and his dictatorial decisions have caused great fear to those working here.

“We demand the immediate formation of a new committee of inquiry, comprising representatives of Palia, international pilots, members of international civil aviation and Airbus, and the head of the PIA,” Ghani said. Arshad Malik and the head of civil aviation should be suspended so that they do not influence this inquiry committee. “We hold Arshad Malik and the head of civil aviation fully responsible for the tragedy,” Ghani said.

Therefore, there should be a clear and transparent inquiry into this tragedy. To a question, he said that of course the investigation committee should also include the Sindh Building Control Authority, cantonment and aviation. We have no objection to that. In response to another question, Saeed Ghani said that Arshad Malik was conspiring to lay the wreckage of the entire tragedy on the head of the pilot, who was a senior pilot and even moments before the accident, his voice did not contain any panic. Was Replying to a question, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the question of lockdown will remain but no curfew is being imposed.

He said that the Prime Minister himself had said that the elite has imposed lockdown and today the people of the same elite in which Zafar Mirza, Chief Minister Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are once again talking about severe lockdown, now let the Prime Minister see for himself. Which elites are saying lockdown? “The coronavirus epidemic is on the rise in Sindh, so our people are urged to be extremely careful and not leave their homes unnecessarily,” he added


  1. That this so called lier chairman must resign if he has self respect. He lies to public , playing foolish thing. Its time he himself resign , and face to the inquiry committee. Thses cold blooded never accept mistake but talking shit naking other fool.


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