Prime Minister Imran Khan has emphatically stated that the government will go all-out against different cartels and mafias to provide immediate relief to the common man.

He was responding to people’s live telephone calls on PTV on Sunday. The program was also broadcast live on Radio Pakistan’s National Hookup while PBC Social Media live-streamed it from all its platforms.

The Prime Minister said unfortunately, the previous governments protected these mafias; however, the present government is going to decisively act against them to rid the people of the elite capture.

He said a major reason behind high inflation is this mafia that increases prices of essential commodities through hoarding. He said the government has carried out inquiry and is also going to take action against the elements involved in the price hike of sugar and flour. He said the government is fully focused to control inflation.

The Prime Minister said the government is going to introduce a revolutionary agricultural policy that will address the issue of demand and supply of food items and reduce prices of essential items. With the use of information technology, he said, we will be able to predict shortage of any commodity timely.

Imran Khan said the government will ensure provision of all commodities at utility stores at subsidized rates during Ramadan. He said Ramadan Bazaars will also be established so that people could get essential items at affordable rates.

Responding to a caller, the Prime Minister said a crackdown has also been started against the land grabbers to recover the official and private lands from this mafia. He said the government has so far retrieved government land worth 450 billion rupees from the mafia. He asked the nation to register their complaints regarding land grabbers on the PM Portal so that the government could act against them.

The Prime Minister once again urged the nation to strictly observe standard operating procedures for effective protection against the current wave of COVID-19.

He said the third wave of Coronavirus is more dangerous than the first two ones; and one could protect himself in a better way by wearing a face mask.

He said we cannot go for complete lockdown keeping in view its worst effect on the livelihoods of the poor segment of the society. However, if people do not follow the SOPs and situation worsens, the government could opt for it. He said if the current trend of the virus spread persists, it will put our health system and economy under tremendous pressure.

Answering a query by a caller, the Prime Minister said his government is working to introduce universal health coverage under Sehat Insaf Card in Punjab and Balochistan on the pattern of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said the program will prove to be a great revolution in the country’s health system. Imran Khan said the distribution of health cards will be completed in Punjab by the end of this year. He said we are encouraging the private sector to invest in health system that would lead to expand the network of hospitals, relieving the burden on existing government hospitals.

The Prime Minister said the PTI government has waged a Jihad against corruption and ensure rule of law in the country. He said the whole nation should help the government in this war by adopting a holistic approach. Answering to another caller, the Prime Minister said the same approach is needed in implementing the laws about crimes against children and women.

Imran Khan said the government has launched Naya Pakistan Housing program to provide low cost housing units to the low income segment. He said in this regard, mortgage financing has been introduced to provide loans to people on soft terms for houses. He said the construction sector is also being fully promoted by removing barriers in their way. He said the government has introduced two mega construction projects including Ravi City and Central Business District in Lahore. He said these projects will not only save the mega city but also help in wealth creation. He said the wealth created through these projects will help us repaying debt and we will be better able to invest on public welfare projects.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the country’s main economic indicators are moving in the positive direction. He said besides the major achievement of turning the current account in surplus for the last seven months, the government has also succeeded to give boost to exports. He expressed confidence that with the achievement of stability in primary balance, the country will achieve economic growth in future.

Responding to a caller from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the Prime Minister made it clear that there can be no normalization of relations with India until New Delhi reverses its illegal actions regarding Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir taken on August 5, 2019. He said no government in the past had fought the case of Kashmir at international forum as he did.


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