LAHORE: The bail of PTI central leader Jahangir Tareen has been granted till April 10.

The Lahore local court granted bail to Jahangir Tareen till April 10, while the banking court granted bail to Jahangir Tareen and Ali Tareen till April 7. The Banking court ordered Jahangir Tareen and Ali Tareen to submit bonds of Rs 500,000.

Jahangir Tareen had approached the Sessions Court for pre-arrest bail. Case registered against Jahangir Tareen and Ali Tareen for alleged financial fraud FIA registers case against Jahangir Tareen and Ali Tareen.

Speaking to the media on the occasion of his appearance in the court, Jahangir Tareen said that the allegations leveled against him and Ali Tareen were baseless while he was clear and transparent in financial matters.

“We have a complete money trail of assets. It’s not my habit to be detached from anything,” he said. I have a lawsuit and we are in court.

Jahangir Tareen said that we will present our position in the court and we will be the leaders. The FIA ​​began the investigation by deliberately using the word money laundering. It is the job of the SECP and FBR to investigate the company’s decisions. I have nothing to do with all three cases.

It should be noted that Jahangir Tareen and Ali Tareen are accused of financial fraud of Rs 3 billion. Jahangir Tareen transferred Rs 3 billion to his son-in-law’s factory from GDW Company and the money sent to the factory was later transferred to the accounts of family members.


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