Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that no country in the world can prosper with corrupt leadership.

Speaking in the National Assembly on Saturday after winning the vote of confidence, he said electronic voting machines will be introduced so that nobody could raise fingers on the credibility of the elections and that the results are acceptable to all.

Talking about the Senate elections, Imran Khan said, “I am ashamed that there is a goat market here and we have been pointing it out for a month. I was surprised that the Election Commission says that a very good election has been held.” If this election is good then I don’t know what a bad election is.

He said it is also our effort that the Overseas Pakistanis also get their right to franchise.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the government has decided to bring electoral reforms to ensure complete transparency in elections.

Expressing apprehension over the malpractices in the recently held Senate elections, the Prime Minister asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to get briefing from the agencies as to how much money was used to purchase votes.

He clarified that his concerns on the Senate elections were not aimed at doing away with the independence of Election Commission of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister once again categorically stated that he will not give NRO to the corrupt elements even though the opposition continues its pressure tactics for the purpose.


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