Prime Minister Imran Khan has said efforts of developing countries like Pakistan, to promote sustainable development, and eliminate poverty and hunger, can only succeed through international cooperation.

Addressing virtually at Governing Council of International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome, Italy, he described agriculture as “central to human survival.”

The prime minister proposed a five-point agenda to end poverty and saying farmers should not be left to the mercy of the corporations and international agricultural trade must be rationalized.

Imran Khan called for utilizing agricultural and digital technologies and techniques to enhance food production; ensure efficient usage of water and land; and for integration of national and global supply chain.

He also urged on sagacious production and consumption, respecting the nature.

The prime minister urged the need of having a common strategy for global recovery, survival and prosperity of humanity.

The prime minister said his government is also engaged in one of the largest reforestation programmes in the world of planting 10 billion trees over the next 3 years.

Imran Khan said under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, agricultural modernization has been included as a vital element of the development strategy to effectively combating hunger and poverty.


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