ARMYs were glad it was kept in the final cut!

BTS‘s Suga hosted Epik High‘s Tablo on the fifth episode of his variety program, Suchwita, and the two celebs kept viewers entertained with their close friendship and behind-the-scenes information about their working relationship.

During their interview, the two iconic artists discussed making music together, Epik High’s latest album, and parenthood.

Aside from his many roles and accomplishments as a pioneering artist in Korean hip-hop with his fellow Epik High members, a Stanford graduate, a best-selling published author, and a loving husband to actress Kang Hye Jung, one of Tablo’s most important roles is the role of a father to his beloved daughter Haru.

Haru and Tablo captured the nation’s hearts with their adorable bond on the popular Korean variety show Superman Is Back (also known as Return of Superman) from 2013 to 2015.

In his usual eloquent way, Tablo explained the joy of parenthood to Suga. His touching explanation had ARMYs in their feels as Tablo shared how much he loves being a father, though he sees himself more as a friend to Haru.

People call me ‘Haru’s dad’ but I never really thought of myself as a dad. I don’t think of myself that way. I just feel like we’re friends.

— Tablo

As a busy touring musician, Tablo ensures Haru is his priority and even walks her to school every day he’s home.

As Suga and Tablo wrapped filming for Suchwita, Suga shared his plans for after the show and promptly invited Tablo to join.

Tablo had other plans for the night, helping Haru with her homework. After he shared that with Suga, the BTS member was hilariously speechless before Tablo quipped, “You haven’t heard the word ‘homework’ in ages, right?

The quick and funny exchange left an impression on fans, but Tablo hilariously couldn’t believe the editors left that clip in.

ARMYs reacted to the scene with varying appreciative responses, from comedic to touching, as fans agreed they were glad the candid moment was kept in the episode.


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