In the past, one of the most highly anticipated events of the year was the Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC). Idols from different groups and companies come together to compete in various sports, and BTS was known for their appearances.

During their participation in the annual event, the members always shined with their athletic abilities but also made fans smile with their visuals and charming charisma.


As entertaining as the BTS members were at the event, ARMYs quickly noticed that they had stopped appearing at the event, along with other HYBE groups. The understanding is that the group stopped attending ISAC because of their incredibly busy schedules and possibly alleged disagreements between HYBE and MBC.

Yet, some ARMYs joked that they were “banned” from ISAC because of many spoilers they shared before the broadcast was released.

Well, as much as ARMYs miss seeing the chaos of BTS at the ISAC, it seems the group will treat fans to their own version in the upcoming episode of Run BTS!

In the new teaser, BTS are having their own mini field day, and it looks truly like chaos as the clips show the members doing various sports and challenges, from kendo to weightlifting and unconventional football.


If the clips weren’t enough, BTS proved that they are truly iconic when they even mentioned the ISAC when they started the video.

A second didn’t even pass before Suga boldly references the group’s past history with the event, as he says, “Since we don’t go to ISAC, we can’t personally…”

When the video was posted, ARMYs couldn’t get over how blunt Suga was being when talking about the ISAC, but also that he made sure not to mention they were banned but instead made it seem like it was just unlucky that they couldn’t attend.

There is no doubt that the upcoming Run BTS! episode will be hilarious and with the members able to do whatever they want…


It will be full of unexpected and chaotic moments from all the members.


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