An unfortunate incident has come to light at Mozang Hospital in Lahore where 350 doses of vaccine imported to prevent the global pandemic have been wasted.

The hospital’s MS has been suspended following an inquiry into missing vaccines. Provincial Health Minister Yasmeen Rashid said in a statement that the vaccine was supposed to be kept at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand, a case of the alleged disappearance of the 550 COVID-19 vaccines has also come to light in Services Hospital. However, Dr Amjad, principal of the Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS), said the vaccine did not disappear, but there was a problem with the record.

The Punjab Chief Minister has taken notice of the incident of missing doses of vaccine at Services Hospital and at Mozang Hospital and has sought a report from the Health Department.

He directed that an impartial inquiry be held into this important matter and a thorough investigation of the vaccine record be carried out to bring the facts to light.

Usman Buzdar has said that the disappearance or deterioration of the vaccine is an unbearable incident. Strict legal and departmental action should be taken against those responsible for negligence and an audit of records and report should be submitted to the Chief Minister’s Office soon.

Earlier, a statement issued by Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said that the federation had assured that there would be no shortage of coronavirus vaccine. A committee has been set up to look into what the Punjab government can do to procure the coronavirus vaccine.

On the other hand, a consignment of 500,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine and 60,000 doses of the CanSinoBIO vaccine has arrived in Pakistan.

Dr Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant for Health at Noor Khan Airbase, received the dose of the vaccine. “We are grateful to the Chinese government for its support, which has always stood by Pakistan in difficult times,” he told the media.

Dr Faisal Sultan said that saving the lives of the people is our first priority. The government is rapidly implementing its promises to the people, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of vaccines.

He said that 500,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine have reached Pakistan and the second consignment will also reach Pakistan soon. He said that 800,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine have been used in the country so far.


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