A notice has been taken by FIA Director Amir Farooqi on the incident of alleged harassment of a girl by an FIA officer at Karachi Airport.

According to FIA Director Amir Farooqi, the FIA ​​immigration officer has been suspended and the zone has been reported and departmental action has also been initiated against the officer.

According to airport officials, the incident of alleged harassment of a woman took place last evening. A girl from Bahrain was allegedly harassed by an FIA officer.

The girl alleged that the FIA ​​officer asked for the number and asked for sweets.

The video of the alleged harassing officer was made by the people while the FIA ​​officer could not give a satisfactory answer to the questions of the people in the video.

It can be seen in the video that the FIA ​​officer said that he had asked the girl to write in the number list and had asked for sweets in jest.


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