Sindh University student killed in ‘fake police encounter’


A 25-year-old University of Sindh student was allegedly killed by the police. According to the police, Irfan Jatoi was a wanted criminal in several districts – and opened fire during a police encounter.

Locals, however, report that the young man was innocent.

According to details, Irfan Jatoi was arrested by the police on 10th February. The police found him in SU’s hostel in Jamshoro. Allegedly, the University of Sindh student was shot dead in an encounter on Sunday.

The encounter took place on the National Highway, under Jhangro Police Station’s limits. According to the police, Jatoi was a wanted criminal in several districts. Not only this, but he was also an alleged robber and involved in car-lifting.

SSP Sukkur Irfan Samo reported the incident and said that the police received a tip-off that some outlaws have been seen…with the noticeable intent of committing a robbery.

He also revealed that three of Jatoi’s accomplices are on the run. He also added that the University of Sindh student and his accomplices opened fire on the police when they reached the scene of the crime.


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