UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled a four-step to ease lockdown by June 21.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told MPs the plan aimed to be “cautious but irreversible” and at every stage, decisions would be led by “data not dates”.

He said that there was “no credible route to a zero-Covid Britain nor indeed a zero-Covid world”.

He later told the Downing Street news conference that the coming spring and summer would be “seasons of hope, looking and feeling incomparably better for us all”.

He explained the plan as a “one-way road to freedom” but said he could not guarantee it would be irreversible “but the intention is that it should be”.

According to the devised plan, shops, hairdressers, gyms, and outdoor hospitality will be reopened on April 12 in England.

Moreover, two households might be allowed to mix in homes from May 17. Places like pubs will follow the rule of six.

According to the international news agency, all schools will open from March 8 with outdoor after-school sports and activities allowed. Recreation in outdoor places will be allowed between two people.

Outdoor gatherings of either 6 people or 2 households will be allowed from March 29. This may include gatherings in private gardens. Moreover, outdoor sports facilities such as tennis or basketball courts will reopen. Organized adults and children’s sports will also be opened.

The last step will begin on June 21. All legal limits on social contact will be removed. Final closed sectors of the economy will be removed hopefully. Restrictions on weddings and funerals are likely to be abolished depending on the conditions.


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