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ISLAMABAD: Justice Qazi Faez Isa of the Supreme Court has expressed shock at the release of February 11 order to the media in violation of a settled practice.

In a letter addressed to the Supreme Court registrar on February 12, Justice Isa said that he was yet to receive the order in which he was asked not to hear cases involving Prime Minister of Pakistan.

In a letter written to the registrar Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Faiz Esa asks questions

“I have learnt that an order/judgment (don’t know which one) was passed and released to the media. This is shocking, as yet, I have not received the file with the order/judgment,” Justice Isa said. “It is a settled practice that after the judge heading the bench writers the order/judgment, it is set to the next senior judge,” he said.

The judge asked the secretary to explain why the judgment wasn’t sent to him and why it was released to media before received it and who ordered it release to the media.

Earlier, The order issued by the Supreme Court has suggested Faez Isa J. not to hear the cases concerning the premier.


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