KARACHI: Road from Gulbai to Hawksbay in Karachi has been closed for traffic for the next 45 days due to the construction work.

According to the details, on the directions of provincial government the work has been started on four major roads that lead to the Karachi Port. These include the Mauripur Road, West Wharf Road, Mai Kolachi Road and the MT Khan Road.

In this regard, the Traffic Police said that the road from Gulbai Chowk to Hawksbay’s Cycle Chowrangi is closed, however, an alternative route plan has been issued for commuters to prevent difficulties and traffic jams.

Commuters taking the Native Jetty Bridge heading towards Gulbai Chowk can now use the Northern Bypass route. The same route can be used vice versa as well while the residents going to SITE can take the Hub River Road and Moach Goth route.

In case of queries, travellers can contact the police at 1915.

Administrator Karachi Laiq Ahmed earlier said that road development works in Karachi are in full swing.

The Administrator said that KMC is doing all this with its own resources as our first priority is to provide convenience to the citizens. Take off all kinds of banners, steamers, flags and advertising materials from Wharf Road.

He directed the Director General Technical Services to install dye version signs and boards wherever there are bends on these roads so that the drivers of vehicles can see it in time and park their vehicles.

The KMC will establish green belts and devise a mechanism to monitor these roads for repair and maintenance.


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