Prime Minister Imran Khan has reminded the international community to fulfil its promise of organizing plebiscite in Kashmir, giving an opportunity to Kashmiris to decide their fate in light of UN resolutions.

He was addressing a public rally in Kotli Azad Kashmir on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Imran Khan expressed hope that the day will come when Kashmiris will choose Pakistan over India and we will give them the right either to remain independent or become part of Pakistan.

In his message to the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan is cognizant of the oppression being committed against the people in IIOJK by the Indian forces and he will continue raising Kashmiris’ voice on all world forums.

Imran Khan once again invited India to come to the dialogue table and resolve Kashmir dispute as per UNSC resolutions. He said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime is pursuing a fascist Hindutva ideology of RSS, which has divided India.

The Prime Minister asked India to sit with Pakistan to resolve Kashmir issue through dialogue, reverse the illegal act of August 5 and grant Kashmiris right to self-determination under UNSC resolutions.

Talking about sufferings of the people living along the Line of Control, Imran Khan said we have prepared a complete package for them as they have been continuously facing dislocation due to Indian bombardment.

Commenting on political situation in the country, the Prime Minister said he is ready to talk to anyone, but he will not give any NRO to dacoits.


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