Staff report
KARACHI: A female PIA flight attendant has reportedly gone missing after arriving in Toronto. According to a PIA spokesperson, an air hostess named Zahida Baloch was posted on PK797.

The woman, who arrived in Toronto from Karachi in 29th January, was part of a 15-member cabin crew whose alleged disappearance was reported on January 31 on the return flight PK784.

The female air hostess reported the alleged disappearance to Toronto, PIA officials, airport and immigration officials.

Earlier in January, Ramzan Gul, a flight steward on Flight 798, went missing on arrival in Toronto from Islamabad. The third PIA flight attendant on Toronto flights in a few weeks was reported missing.

A PIA spokesman said Canadian officials had been informed. The investigation is ongoing.

The spokesperson said that there were reports of alleged disappearance of an air hostess named Zahida Baloch, something can be said only after the actual situation is known.


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