Sarwat Gilani made headlines as she confessed in a recent interview that she isn’t a feminist herself.

Whilst speaking with Mira Sethi, the actor revealed what she thinks feminism means and why she wouldn’t want to align herself with the ideology.

Last year with her highly-popular web series Churails giving message and getting appreciations from different feminists activists, this statement came as a shock for netizens.

“Toxic masculinity is the worst virus. I wouldn’t say I am a feminist; I feel a man has his own place,” the starlet asserted, prompting Sethi to interject, “But feminism doesn’t say that a man doesn’t have his own place.” To this, Gilani replied, “Yes, but I won’t keep chanting woman this or woman that. I feel there’s a certain time where women do need men, no matter how independent. I am an independent woman but at the end of the day, I feel like I need somebody who will take care of me and who I can depend upon.”

For Gilani, feminism is a very “balanced” idea. “A lot of people think feminism is all about women but I feel it’s not. It has to do with men as well. A man making alternations within himself can also be touted as feminism. We misunderstand the term. That’s why I wouldn’t call myself a feminist but someone who believes in equal rights,” she stated.


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