ISLAMABAD: A judicial inquiry into the killing of 22-year-old man Usama Satti, carried out by the additional deputy commissioner Islamabad, has revealed that the young man was “shot from all directions and his death was not a mere accident.”

According to the inquiry report, Satti was not shot by a single officer of the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) as the police had earlier claimed. He suffered “multiple gunshots fired at him from all directions, which shows that the officers involved had every intention to kill him.”

The report further added that the news of Usama’s death was “deliberately hidden from his family for four hours and that the officers involved tried to sweep the matter under the rug”.

“The officers tried to turn the incident into a dacoity case and kept senior officials in the dark,” the report revealed, adding that “Rescue 1122 personnel trying to reach the site of the incident were repeatedly provided with the wrong location details.”


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