Prime Minister Imran Khan says there will be no talks with India unless it restores Article 370 of its Constitution, reviving Kashmir’s special status.

Interacting with digital media publishers and broadcasters in Islamabad, he said India is hell-bent in destabilizing Pakistan and is backing ISIS in the region to spread chaos through fanning sectarianism in the country. 

Imran Khan said Pakistan’s security agencies have successfully preempted Indian plots to fan sectarianism.

He said the time will tell that the Modi Government will be proved more catastrophic for India than any other adversary.

Prime Minister said we have good relations with all the other countries, including the United States, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The prime minister said Pakistan is at its defining moment with the government having option either to surrender before the corrupt leaders or stand against them. He said just for sake of protecting their looted money, the opposition leaders blackmailed the government during its struggle for economic uplift, anti-COVID operations and FATF legislation linking their support with abolition of 34 of 38 clauses from NAB law. Calling social media a force with people yet to understand its real power, the prime minister said for the social media activists, it was essential to know and apprise people correctly about the government’s narrative.

To a question, Imran Khan said following the departure of US from the region after Afghan war, the militant groups started sectarianism and such groups immensely damaged the country particularly by targeting Shiite and Hazara community.

Imran Khan said the previous governments also ignored development of Balochistan, but the incumbent government was the first to focus on socioeconomic uplift of the province. Imran Khan said he is going to launch an ambitious program ‘no one go to bed hungry’ under Ehsas initiative for which information technology is being used to compile data of backward areas.

Prime Minister said the government is also intensively working on uniform syllabus to integrate the nation.

Prime Minister said due to the prudent policies of the government Pakistan is economically rising in construction and export sectors and has made repayment of 20 billion dollars foreign debt.


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