The government of Pakistan has eased travel restrictions on the United Kingdom and South Africa. Passengers with dual citizenship, including those with Pakistani passports, will now be able to come to Pakistan.

According to the details, the Civil Aviation Authority has issued a new travel guideline in the matter of travel restrictions for passengers coming to Pakistan from the UK in the second wave of coronavirus, in which the restrictions have been extended till January 31. The ban will also apply to travelers coming to Pakistan from South Africa.

The notification issued by the CAA’s Director of Air Transport states that Pakistanis with short-term visas residing in the UK and South Africa will be allowed to travel, as well as passengers with dual citizenship, Nikop, and POC cardholders will be able to come to Pakistan

Work visa holders will also be able to travel to Pakistan. British and South African diplomats and their families will be given special permission to travel to Pakistan. Diplomats will also be required to take a Karuna test 72 hours before the trip. Families will be re-tested, and diplomats will have to be quarantined as directed by the Health Department.

According to the notification, all passengers coming from the UK will have to undergo a coronavirus test 72 hours before departure. Passengers arriving in Pakistan will be given an immediate coronary test. In the case of a negative report, passengers will have to be quarantined for 5 to 7 days.


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