Prime Minister Imran Khan said smuggling is causing irreparable loss to the country’s economy. He has instructed strict action against the people involved in it.

As per the details, he was addressing a meeting in Islamabad to review the steps to reduce smuggling.

The premier was briefed that oil smuggling and its sale at 2094 filling stations across the county are inflicting an annual economic loss of around 150 billion rupees to the country.

He said that the anti-smuggling measures would bring in revenue for the government to spend on the welfare of the common man.

“Country’s Biggest Dacoits Are Acting Like Revolutionaries”
Earlier, the Prime minister said that the Army knows that Imran Khan is neither doing business nor making properties by stealing people’s money.

In an interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the army is an institution of Pakistan, “I am an elected prime minister and the army also knows that I am working for Pakistan and the army will be with every prime minister who works for Pakistan.”

The Prime Minister said that there was a historic deficit in the current account while after 17 years the current account has been positive for five months and has repaid $20 billion in two years.

Imran Khan also said that our remittances and exports have increased while our rupee has survived falling, we are not throwing dollars in the market to stop the rupee.


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