The Sindh government has decided to file a court petition against the acquittal of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, accused in the Daniel Pearl case.

Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab told a TV channel that the Sindh government would file a petition on Monday against the decision of the Sindh High Court to acquit Omar Ahmed Omar, Saeed Sheikh. He said the accused in the case would not be released on Saturday as court orders would be sent to jail and legal opinion would be sought.

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and other accused’s lawyer Nadeem Ahmed said that the jail authorities did not issue release orders to the High Court for verification. The release cannot take place without confirmation of the release order and the court time is till 3 pm.

Ahmed Omar’s family also arrived at the jail on Saturday but said release orders had not been verified.

It may be mentioned that the Sindh High Court had annulled the notification of detention of four accused including Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and ordered the immediate release of the accused from jail. According to the lawyer, the jail authorities said that they could not release anyone without confirmation of the court orders.

The court also ordered to include the names of all the accused including Ahmed Omar Sheikh in the ECL and remarked that the accused should appear when summoned by the court.


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