PM Imran Khan expresses strong resentment over PDM power show


Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his strong resentment over the language used by Nawaz Sharif against the Army Chief and the DG ISI, the Prime Minister termed it an attack on the armed forces. 

Addressing the convention of Tiger Force in Islamabad today (Saturday), he said the people of this country want to see the recovery of the plundered money.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the National Accountability Bureau and the courts to bring mega corruption cases to logical conclusion at the earliest.

The Prime Minister assured that the government is ready to extend any kind of logistic support to the courts and the anti-graft body. 

Referring to the top leadership of the opposition parties, the Prime Minister said they have looted the country over the last thirty years but their cases have yet not been decided.

He said the courts and the NAB are independent institutions but he will further strengthen the institutions that are under his direct control to nab these corrupt elements.

The Prime Minister said it will be his effort from now onward to bring back Nawaz Sharif home and he will be kept in an ordinary prison.

Imran Khan said our security personnel are rendering sacrifices for the peace and security of the country.

He said twenty security personnel were martyred the other day.

Imran Khan said the Army Chief fully supported the government during the difficult times including the recent floods in Karachi.

Rejecting the election rigging allegations of the opposition parties, Imran Khan said there are independent institutions which have declared the 2018 elections far better than those held in 2013.

He said the number of election petitions filed this time were half of those filed back following 2013 elections.

Turning to the Tiger Force, the Prime Minister said they have an important role to identify the hoarders and help check the prices of essential commodities.

He said their responsibility will only be to report the matter of hoarding and price hike on the Tiger Force portal launched today and then it will be responsibility of the administration to take action.

Referring to the inquiry conducted into sugar and wheat scam, the Prime Minister said a plan has been framed to bring down the prices of the sugar. 

He said wheat has also been imported to meet the deficit.

Imran Khan said Pakistan is amongst the most vulnerable countries to climate change and it will be through collective efforts we will plant ten billion trees in the country.


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