Prime Minister Imran Khan has said he would prefer to quit power rather than giving any NRO to those who have plundered Pakistan’s wealth.

In an interview to a private TV channel, he said Nawaz Sharif is playing a dangerous game to weaken Pakistan Army on the behest of India. 

Imran Khan said, Pakistan Army is standing behind the democratically elected government and any attempt to weaken this institution will harm Pakistan.

To another question, Imran Khan said the running of government is his job and whenever required the army was consulted. Security issues are dealt by the army in the whole world.

He said it is the Army which has saved us otherwise the country will have been disintegrated in three parts as per Indian designs.

He said we tried our best to have good relations with India, but unfortunately, New Delhi’s BJP regime is ideologically against Pakistan and we are very concerned about it.

He said opposition is attempting to hit our institutions, especially the army and the judiciary, to pressurize them to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

He said the Army Chief met the opposition to discuss security issues pertaining to Gilgit-Baltistan.

Answering another question, the Prime Minister said we have decided to give provisional provincial status to GB to address deprivations of the people of area.

He said the government would hold bye-election in all the constituencies if the opposition parties resigned en bloc from the Parliament.


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