Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday while addressing PML-N central working committee meeting via a video link from London, said that he can “no longer remain quiet”.

He called out the incumbent government for what he termed its “dual standards of accountability”, saying, he “Nawaz Sharif is not made of the kind of stuff that can stand remaining quiet on dual standards of accountability,” adding that “no one should try to silence him”
He also spoke of what he termed the government’s failures in multiple areas of governance.

“Several people have lost their employment abroad and in the country. Has someone talked to them and asked them how they are doing?” he asked.
Nawaz said although Prime Minister Imran Khan should be held directly responsible for the problems that the people are facing, the ones who are actually responsible for Pakistan’s current situation are the people “who brought him into power”.

“If a poor man dies of hunger and if a person is raped on the motorway, then the ones who brought him into power should answer,” he said.

The PML-N supremo said that the incumbent prime minister was a “stooge” and the party that had “won the 2018 general elections lost, due to the ones who brought him into power”.


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