Military personnel of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) on patrol in an armored personnel carrier.

MIRPUR: President Human Highness International (HHI) Hameed Shaheen Alvi has said that peace and values worldwide are declining giving way to global hatred and intolerance imprisoning the weaker nations into blackmailing slavery of the big powers.

“In the post-WW-II era, healthy human values are on the fast decline, the international institutions like the UNO meant for global peace and security have become devalued show-models as the wars have not been wiped out”, he observed in his Global Values Review session here on Sunday.

The 76-year incessant non-settlement of geo-politico-human disputes like Kashmir and Palestine has rendered the UN peace claimant world institution as a mock entity whose rulings and recommendations are trampled upon by the disputant countries and nations; during the past three decades the whole of western Asia and the Middle East countries have been aggressively mauled leaving millions homeless and migrants to all other continents, he commented.

In his global survival analysis, the chief of HHI has suggested a working togetherness of both China and the USA to take over global diplomacy jointly for the lastingness of global life and material assets; both these big powers have disparate governance systems, no mutual encroachment of interests of both; therefore their mutual rivalry speaks of non-seriousness over the urgent issue of global survival which should be of prime concern for both as bigger powers and for the rest of the global community of nations, he cautioned.

The Human Highness International is an intellectual forum to promote human values and human bonds the world over as voluntary service to humanity.


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