PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has taken the highest loan amounting to Rs135 billion for the transport sector, while the lowest loan of Rs10.20 million has been taken for the Forests Department

According to documents from the provincial Finance Department, the KP government has so far received a loan of Rs359.33 billion while further borrowing of Rs179.61 billion was recently approved.

The details show that a loan of Rs135.92 billion has been taken for the KP transport sector of which Rs61 billion has been spent on Bus rapid transit projects (BRT) and later Rs13.4 billion more was borrowed for BRT. Similarly, for roads, the provincial government has borrowed Rs20 billion for maintenance and Rs10.35 billion for the construction of new roads.

The details show that Rs60.88billion has been taken from international financial institutions for economic development, Rs36.61 billion for energy, a Rs29.88billion for higher education, Rs20.5 billion for regional development, Rs19.4 billion for irrigation, Rs14.38 billion for the agriculture sector, Rs13.60 billion for tourism promotion, Rs1.7 billion for education, Rs4.17 billion for social welfare.

The provincial government had borrowed Rs3.6 billion health sector, Rs3.51 billion for the environment, Rs980 million for water supply, Rs270 million for industry, Rs60 million for urban development, and Rs12 million for the forest department.



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