Fakhr Zaman has blamed himself for his run out. “It’s my fault I didn’t see the fielder,” he said.

The Pakistani opener’s brilliant innings ended on the first ball of the last over of the match when his individual score was 193.

De Kok’s gesture and Fakhr Zaman’s outing also became a top trend on social media. Fakhr Zaman was running towards the wicket keeper in an attempt to score on the first ball of the last over of the match.

Wicketkeeper Quetin de Kock indicated that fielder Markram would throw towards the bowler. Seeing the signal, Fakhr Zaman slowed down, but the throw came towards the wicket keeper, from which Fakhr Zaman got out.

If de Kok’s gesture was intentionally wrong, it would be a violation of cricket rules. If that happens, South Africa could face a five-run penalty, and the ball that Fakhr Zaman was out on will be bowled again.

Law 41.5.1 states that no fielder can intentionally distract, deceive or obstruct any batsman.

Fakhr Zaman, however, did not blame De Cock. “It was my fault because I was watching Harris Rauf because I thought he was too far from his crease, so I thought he was in trouble,” he said. The rest depends on the match referee. “But I don’t think it’s Quiton’s fault.”


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