Prime Minister Imran Khan has called upon the major economies to pursue a holistic approach towards climate change and galvanize supportive finance for Pakistan and other vulnerable countries braving the climatic challenge.

In an article published in The Times, a British national daily, the Prime Minister said the Global Climate Risk index has ranked Pakistan as the eighth most vulnerable country to climate impacts with frequency and intensity of climate disasters constantly rising over the decades.

He said since 2000, Pakistan has lost 9,989 lives, suffered economic losses worth 3.8 billion dollars and witnessed 152 extreme weather events – all triggered by climate change.

Imran Khan pointed out that although Pakistan was not a contributor to that global phenomenon of climate change as it emitted less than one percent of the global carbon emissions, yet, it was committed to be a part of the global solution by pushing the growing economy to become “greener, cleaner and with low carbon emission in future”.

He said the government has set in motion plans to shift by 2030, sixty percent of energy mix towards clean carbon free energy and thirty percent of transport towards green electric mobility.

The Prime Minister said the Green Stimulus programme include expansion of the country’s protected area coverage to 15 percent land area and 10 percent of marine area by 2023.

He said the investment is also being made in protecting farmers through climate smart agriculture to cope with the growing climate unpredictability.


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