The Supreme Court has ordered postponement of NA-75 Daska elections on April 10.

A three-member bench headed by Justice Umrata Bandial and comprising Justice Muneeb Akhtar and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah heard the case of re-election in NA-75 Daska in the Supreme Court.

When the hearing of the case began, Salman Akram Raja, lawyer of PML-N candidate Noshin Iftikhar, gave arguments in the court and presented a complete map of Daska district in the court and said that there are 76 polling stations in Daska city.

Salman Akram Raja said that complaints were received from 34 out of 76 polling stations in Daska city, Election Commission identified 34 polling stations and 20 presiding officers also went missing.

Talking to Salman Akram Raja, Justice Umar Ata Bandial said that he had made a lot of preparations in one day. Justice Bandial in his remarks said that it was also stated that polling at 10 polling stations was suspended for a long time.

Justice Umar Ata Bandial questioned that the question is who was causing these problems on the day of polling and why? Was one candidate powerful so the other made these moves? On this, Salman Akram Raja said that his aim was to affect the polling process in Daska city.

Lawyer Salman Akram Raja in his arguments said that Nousheen Iftikhar’s father has been elected 5 times from Daska. The influence of Nosheen Iftikhar’s family is more in Daska.

Salman Akram Raja said that the presiding officers went out with the police as usual, the return of the presiding officers was unusual, they came together and were scared.

On this occasion, the Supreme Court issued an order to postpone the April 10 elections in Daska and said that time is needed in the decision of the current case, the decision of polling is upheld by the Election Commission, currently postponing the April 10 decision.

Justice Umar Ata Bandial said that apart from Noshin Iftikhar, other parties in the case also need to be heard, after which the Supreme Court adjourned the hearing of the case indefinitely.


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