After the announcement to ban TikTok in Peshawar, the Peshawar High Court (PHC) has now ordered to ban the application across the country.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has declared directives to all service providers to immediately block access to the TikTok app across Pakistan.

“In respectful compliance to the orders of the Peshawar High Court, PTA has issued directions to the service providers to immediately block access to the TikTok app. During the hearing of a case today, the PHC has ordered for the blocking of App,” the tweet by PTA read.

Earlier in the day, Chief Justice Qaisar Rashid Khan had approached the TikTok officials to ban it over the unethical content.

“Tik Tok videos are spreading obscenity, it [the app] should be shut down immediately,” he added.

Previously on October 19, PTA had restored TikTok after placing a ban for promoting improper content.

PTA had on Twitter wrote, “TikTok is being unlocked after assurance from management that they will block all accounts repeatedly involved in spreading obscenity and immorality. TikTok will moderate the account in accordance with local laws.”


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