A special committee formed by the Pakistan Democratic Moment (PDM) for the long march has prepared recommendations.

According to the recommendations of the committee, the long march will start from Karachi on March 26 with a public gathering. All the processions will reach Islamabad by 3 pm on March 30.

All parties should be mobilized to bring in as many people as possible. A central camp will be set up in Faizabad to welcome the participants.

Camps will also be set up at Rawat Chowk, No. 26 Chungi, Coca-Cola Factory and Bara Kahu.

All parties will organize their rallies separately and will bear their own expenses.

The committee recommended that the senior PDM leadership should visit all the four provinces immediately. A common poem should be prepared to mobilize the people for the long march and various committees should be formed immediately.

The various committees include the Control Room, Media and Advertising Committee, Reception Committee, Security Committee, Facilities Committee, Legal Committee, Finance Committee, Program Committee, Food Committee and Medical Committee.

Arrangements should be made before the participants arrive at the sit-in venue and the sit-in will continue until the goal is achieved.

The committee recommended that traders, farmers and trade unions be contacted and fully mobilized.


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