The martial law rulers also objected to my laughing in the TV program, General Zia was personally angry at me for not covering head: Mehtab Akbar Rashdi

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Report: Qazi Asif

General Zia was personally angry on me that I did not cover my head during the TV program Mohsin Bhai, Program Manager, PTV Karachi Center, received a direct call from Pindi President House asking for a ban on Mehtab.

Not covering my head in a TV show was not my stubbornness but my own decision as to how a man can put pressure on someone how he should look.
I was the real form and example of Pakistani women who also run the house, work and earn a place in society by earning respect. Why is it forbidden to cover her head? Who are these people who put pressure on me?

Why are only women being banned in the name of Islam?
When I challenged General Zia’s decision, my salary at the university at that time was Rs. 3,000 to Rs.5000 while I was receiving Rs: 40,000 from PTV per month.  I did think for a moment that I would lose so much money.

Wahab Siddiqui used to work in Daily News, came to visit our house in Hyderabad, and asked the reason for my disappearance from PTV. I narrated all story that how the PTV Karachi center was being pressurized from President house Rawalpindi.

He published news in the Daily News the next day under the headline “La-dupatta”, a storm broke out. Women organizations came forward in my support.

I haven’t been on TV for eight years but people remember me


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