The Pakistan Metrological Department said that the severity of cold in Karachi has fallen and mentioned that the temperature would further reduce in the coming days.

According to the Met Office, the port city recorded a minimum temperature of 9.5°C Thursday morning.

Earlier, Sardar Sarfaraz, Met Director said that due to the Siberian winds, the severity of cold in Karachi is being felt, adding that the temperature was likely to decrease from January 17.

On Wednesday (13 January) the metropolis had recorded a minimum temperature of 7.5°C in the morning.

Earlier on Jan 13th, dense fog in the early hours had forced the closure of portions of the Motorway from Lahore to Abdul Hakeem (M3) and from Pindi Bhatian to Gojra (M4) for motorists.

According to the reports, the two motorway sections were closed as visibility over National Highway was only from 10 to 50 meters.

Commuters had advised using the GT Road with fog lights instead, or call the Motorway Police helpline 130 before traveling on the motorway.


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