MALAKAND: Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has declared the opposition’s struggle against the government a jihad, claiming that the nation is ready to offer any sacrifice for this cause. He pledged that the jihad would continue till “rulers stopped oppressing the poor”.

Speaking at a public meeting at Batkhela in Malakand district, Maulana Fazl said that opposition parties were struggling against those who had snatched the mandate of people. He said this sea of people would remove the “incompetent and selected” government from power.

Maulana Fazl alleged that the government was conspiring against the Constitution and provinces. He said at present there was no democracy in the country and “martial law is in place which is worse than General Zia’s and Gen Musharraf’s eras”.

He said people had no choice but to gather under the umbrella of the PDM to kick out this “incompetent government” and restore real democracy in the country.

Maulana Fazl bitterly criticised the ongoing accountability process in the country and termed it partial and challenged NAB officials to come and arrest him if they had the courage. He said NAB was only filing cases against leaders of opposition parties and it had closed eyes on the corruption of leaders of the incumbent government.


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