Govt biggest challenge is to overcome power crisis: PM


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that the biggest challenge of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government is to overcome the power crisis.

While addressing a special ceremony to sign Performance Agreements of the Federal Government, Imran Khan said that “Ministers should get a full briefing about their ministries.”

“We have to take our governance performance forward.” He said. “It took three months to understand the current crisis in the country.” Imran Khan added. He said that subsidies should be given for wealth creation. “The purpose of subsidies is to help the weaker sections of the society,” said PM Imran.

Imran Khan said that in order to overcome the economic crisis, “We have to increase our exports.” The PM said that the construction industry has witnessed an upward trend. “PTI government is also focusing on civil service reforms,” said PM Imran Khan. The Premier also added that the current account deficit has also reduced.

Let it be known that Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Economy of Pakistan despite the coronavirus pandemic has staged a remarkable turnaround. Taking to his official Twitter handle, PM Imran Khan said that despite the national challenges, Pakistan’s current account witnessed a surplus. Prime Minister added that the forex reserves of the Central Bank also raised.


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