GB Elections 2020: PTI leads as vote counting continues


The vote counting is underway after polling for Gilgit Baltistan GB Elections 2020 ended on Sunday. However, according to the unofficial results, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is leading the election.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) complain about some irregularities and alleged rigging in GB Elections 2020 during the polling and counting process which mostly remained peaceful.

Out of the 847 polling booths, 418 were declared highly sensitive, 311 sensitive, and 431 normal. Twenty-four seats of the Gilgit Baltistan Assembly are up for grabs among the 320 candidates that contested.


Gilgit Baltistan Election 2020: Unconfirmed And Unverified Results
Unconfirmed and unofficial results continue to emerge after the end of polling…

GB Elections 2020 Unofficial Results
As per the latest unofficial results, PTI is ahead with a lead in 8 of 24 constituencies.

PML-Q’s Khan Akbar Khan came in second with 3,870 votes.

PPP’s Ali Madad Sher stood third with 3,179 votes.

Independent candidate Noor Mohammad came in second with 4,584 votes.

PPP’s Zahoor Karim stood third with 4,090 votes.

GBA-1, Gilgit-I: PPP’s Amjad Hussain wins with 11,178 votes

GBA-2, Gilgit-II: PPP’s Jamil Ahmed wins with 6,848 votes

GBA-4, Nagar-I: PPP’s Amjad Hussain wins with 6,104 votes

GBA-5, Nagar-II: Independent candidate Javed Ali Manwa wins with 2,443 votes

GBA-6, Hunza: PTI’s Abaidullah Baig wins with 5,624 votes.

GBA-7, Skardu-I: PTI’s Raja Muhammad Zakaria Khan wins with 5,288 votes

GBA-8, Skardu-II: MWM’s Mohammad Kazim wins with 7,842 votes

GBA-9, Skardu-III: Independent candidate Wazir Muhammad Saleem wins with 7,534 votes

GBA-10, Skardu-IV: Independent candidate Nasir Ali Khan wins with 4,667 votes

GBA-11, Kharmang: PTI’s Syed Majid Ali wins with 5,733 votes

GBA-12, Shigar: PTI’s Raja Azam Khan wins with 10,349 votes

GBA-14, Astore-II: PTI’s Shamsul Haq Lone wins with 5,418 votes

GBA-19, Ghizer I: Independent candidate Nawaz Khan Naji wins with 6,448 votes

GBA-20, Ghizer-II: PTI’s Nazir Ahmed wins with 5,430 votes.

GBA-22, Ghanche-I: Independent candidate Mushtaq Hussain wins with 6,051 votes

GBA-23, Ghanche-II: Independent candidate Abdul Hameed wins with 3,666 votes

GBA-24, Ghanche-III: PPP’s Muhammad Ismail wins with 6,204 votes


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