Biden to revoke ‘Muslim Ban’


Revoking Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslim majority nations will be one out of the four executive orders which President Joe Biden plans to issue.

The executive orders will include rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, restoring the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programme and rejoining the World Health Organization.

On Saturday, US media outlets projected Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

The trump campaign continues to reject results. They have filed lawsuits in various states regarding the ballots and the counting process being rigged.

Popular aggregator of political data, Real Clear Politics (RPC) withdrew Biden’s president-elect status on Monday night. They stripped him of Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.

After Attorney General William Barr allowed federal prosecutors to probe alleged election irregularities, a top official of the US Justice Department resigned on Tuesday.

Richard Pilger resigned in response to Mr Barr’s order. Election irregularities, Mr Piler said, should be handled by individual states, not the federal government.

While addressing a Muslim voters’ club in July, Biden described the Muslim ban as unjust and pledged to repeal it on his first day in office, as promised by him during his election campaign.

Sources reported that Biden’s decision to re-enter the WHO “reflected a broader effort to combat the coronavirus upon taking office.” Democrats have denounced Trump’s decision to exit the transnational organization in the middle of a pandemic.

Biden formed a coronavirus advisory board including scientists and doctors on Monday. Since his president-elect, Biden has also asked Trump administration to the process of transition, which must be completed before Jan 20 – inauguration of the new president.


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