Umrah flights resumed for international pilgrims


Saudi Arabia has allowed the international airline to operate for International Umrah pilgrims on an immediate basis.

For a few months, the pilgrimage was stopped and then limited to its nationals only to control the spread of coronavirus.

As per the orders of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), the implementation will be made on an immediate basis and international flights will resume their functions for the people having valid passports and visas.

Moreover, GACA has also given the necessary measures for the airline to function. It will be the foremost priority of the airline to implement strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These SOPs will be strictly followed for all the pilgrims coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It should be noted that after the suspension of flight operations in the country was enforced, this is the very first time that foreign airlines have been permitted to arrive in the KSA.

The Umrah that was suspended in the country for the last six months by the authorities in KSA has announced new measures for the pilgrims.

The fence surrounding Holy Kaaba and Black Stone will remain unchanged, stopping pilgrims from touching them.

The disinfecting process in Majid al-haram takes place ten times a day. The quarantine rooms are also prepared for international visitors.


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