Nature has given us the privilege of having exotic and beautiful animals among us all over the world.

Each of them is unique in their own way and can charm us with their strange beauty. Have you ever wondered How many exotic animals actually exist in Pakistan?

The Fishing Cat
The scientific name of this exotic animal is Prionailurus viverrinus.
The only known population of the fishing cat could be found in the Indus River Valley.

Woolly Flying Squirrel
This endangered species was last filmed at the Nanga Parbat mountains in Pakistan.

Blue Whale One of the largest mammals to exist, the Blue Whale, could be found in the Arabian Sea.

White Headed Duck
The primary population of these ducks is mainly found in the Salt Range of Punjab.

The name of dolphins found in Pakistan are the “Indus River Dolphins”, because they can be found in the Indus River.

Soft Shelled Turtle
These distinctive turtles are on the verge of extinction, because they are often killed for their meat.

Mugger Crocodile
Called ‘Muggermuch’ in Urdu, this reptile can be found in various parts of Balochistan.

Markhor is also the national animal of Pakistan. It can be found in Kashmir, the Sulaiman Range and Kabul Range.


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