Turkey condemns terror attack in France


Turkey has condemned the knife attack on a church in France and offered condolences to the families of the victims.

It should be noted that in the French city of Nice, an attacker stabbed a woman in the throat and killed two people while injuring several others.

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin condemned a deadly knife attack on a French church.

“We condemn the heinous terrorist attack in the Notre-Dame church in Nice,” he said on Twitter.

He said that the Turkish president and people expressed their condolences to the French people over the attack on the church.

“Terrorism has no religion, language or colour,” he said.

The Turkish presidential spokesman added that Turkey will fight against all forms of terrorism and extremism with determination and solidarity.

The attack on a church in France was described by the city’s mayor as a terrorist act.

French police also confirmed that police had arrested the attacker.

It should be noted that the condemnation of the attack on the church by Turkey came in such a time when the support of the French President for the blasphemous sketches came to light recently, which resulted in strong criticism and condemnation from the Muslim world.


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