DG ISPR holds press conference over Abhinandan’s release statement controversy


Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations, Major General Babar Iftikhar, addressed a press conference on Thursday, October 29, 2020.

He aimed to set the record straight about the events of February 27th in his address. This was the day Pakistan captured two Indian plans and an Indian pilot, Abhinandan.

“Yesterday such a statement was given in which facts were attempted to be twisted surrounding the events that day,” he began by saying.

He said that after the Pulwama incident, on February 26, India violated all international principles and attacked Pakistan. “They not only faced defeat but humiliation all over the world.”

“Our timely response derailed their efforts. Their planes and the explosives they had come to rain down on the Pakistani people, they instead dropped on empty mountains. They left in a panicked state after being confronted by our planes. ”

“Pakistani armed forces’ alert and timely response foiled the enemy’s designs. The enemy planes that had come to drop the explosives on the Pakistani people escaped while dropping their payload on empty mountains in panic after seeing our Shaheens.”

Referring to Pakistan’s response to India’s violation of its airspace, he said: “We gave them a bloody nose and it is still hurting.”


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