Sindh govt declines to work with federal govt on development of Islands


Staff Report
KARACHI: Following decision taken in the meeting of Sindh cabinet, Sindh government has written a letter to federal government saying that presidential ordinance regarding Island Development authority.
The letter written to Secretary Federal Cabinet Division, government of Pakistan, mentioning subject “ Mega Housing project at Bhundar Island by federal government.”
It was written in the letter that “That at the very outset, it is stated with vehemence that all islands along the coast of the province are exclusive property of the respective provincial government, in the present case, the government of Sindh. In this regard, reliance is pleased upon Article 172(2) of the constitution, which is reproduced as under;
(2) All lands, minerals and other things of valued within the continental shelf or underlying the ocean beyond the territorial waters of Pakistan shall vest in the Federal Government.
Letter further said that, that in good faith and based on the request of Federal Government, the Sindh Cabinet while reiterating that the said Island is the property of Government of Sindh, had agreed to engage with the federal government, for the development of Island, subject to the following conditions
A.     Island shall be dealt with as per law.
B.     On such terms and conditions as may be agree upon,
C.      Any development of construction activity on the Island shall also protect and promote legitimate interests of local fishermen/population.That the federal government instead of fulfilling the above unilaterally issued the Pakistan Island Development Authority Ordinance 2020 wherein the ownership of Bundhar and Buddo Islands were illegally usurped by the federal government which is a clear and blatant violation of Article 172(2) of the constitution. Moreover, the illegal annexation of the Islands is also tantamount to changing the boundaries of our province which is again a violation of Article 239(4) of the constitution.That the Sindh Cabinet met earlier today and took strongest exceptions to the promulgation of the said Ordinance, and for reasons stated above, demanded the federal government to immediately withdraw the said Ordinance.In the last para of letter, Sindh government said that, that due to this illegal unconstitutional and malafide act of the federal government, the Sindh cabinet has decided not to engage with the federal government for the purpose of developing the Island and consequently the letter dated 6/07/2020 of government of Sindh. Land Utilization Department is treated as nullity.
The letter was written by Secretary Land Utilization Department government of Sindh.


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