Cleric beat 5-Year-Old to death over ‘Lesson’


Another horrific incident occurred in Punjab, where a religious cleric attempting murder in the name of preaching and teaching of Islam.

Recently, a video got shared by an Ex-MPA and social activist, Iram Azeem Farooqui, who drew public attention to such heinous crime that took place in Pindi Bhattiyan.

In the video, a psychopath cleric has seen beating an innocent 5-year old kid brutally. The savage hit the baby not only with the stick but with his hands and feet as well. He punched him, thrashed him, and kicked him several times in the stomach.

It was revealed that the kid was an orphan and a student of Madrassah, whose ‘crime’ was only that he did not remember his lesson. According to the mother, the kid was ill for many days – when he got better he asked his mother to go to Madrassah as his teacher is a strict man and would be upset if he wouldn’t go.

The mother was baffled that it has been only an hour since he left, and a kid came running to their house telling that ‘Molvi’ Sahab had been hitting her child.


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