When foreign woman bike broke down in Pakistan


Rosie Gabrielle, the only Canadian woman traveling around the world on a bike, had a great time near Nowshera Feroz village in Sindh. Gabrielle describes herself as a solo motorcycle tourist who has so-far visited Malam Jabba, Cholistan desert, Kasur, Lahore, and Sindh in Pakistan.

Recently, while traveling on her bike she had her car repaired for free when her bike broke down near Nowshera Feroz village in Sindh. The villagers took her to their house and offered her hospitality for two days, the women fed her Sindhi food, put Ajrak on her, and gifted her Sindhi clothes.

Canadian tourist Rosie Gabrielle toured around Pakistan on a motorcycle and she seems to have great fun here as she spoke in her vlogs giving a message to the world, Pakistan is an amazing and a safe country.


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