Schools reopening: Top priority to ensure safety for children says PM


ISLAMABAD: On countrywide resumption of academic activities from Tuesday onwards as corona-virus subsides, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said ensuring a safe learning environment for children was a priority.

“Tomorrow we will welcome millions of children back to school. It is our priority and collective responsibility to ensure that every child can go to school safely to learn,” the Prime Minister tweeted as schools will reopen from tomorrow onwards following the government’s decision.

The academic institutions were closed down in March as the country witnessed a rising number of coronavirus cases.

However, the decision for reopening was made as the situation improved as a result of the government’s smart lockdown strategy.

The Prime minister said for the safety of children at schools, measures had been adopted to ensure a safe environment.

“We have worked to ensure that school operations are aligned with public health safety rules on COVID-19,” he said.


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