Good deeds are not in the fate of PM Imran, Nafeesa Shah


AB Arisar

UMERKOT: PM Imran Khan would have visited flooded entire Sindh and yo prove himself as a Prime Minister of Pakistan, but good deeds are not in their fate.

This was expressed by MNA and information secretary PPP Syeda Nafeesa Shah at Umerkot Ratnor road relief city set up by the district government after paying a visit and monitoring the flood relief activities at Badin, Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, and Umerkot.

Aajiz Dhamra, Syed Sardar Shah, and others were with her.

She said the Sindh government has been bringing all-out efforts to provide relief to flood-affected people whatever resources they have. But it looks that Sindh is not owned by the federation. Therefore PM announced 1100 billions only for Karachi, out of which 800 billions NFC share was due of province against federation, 800 billions were already announced by the Sindh government for relief.

He would have an aerial view of Sindh to express solidarity with flooded Sindhis but good deeds are not in their account. She said from Badin to Umerkot she could not witness a single yard without water. As per her lacs of people who have lost their abodes, economies, livestock, this calamity has sustained them an irreparable loss.

She added that the entire Sindh is under the onslaught of mosquitoes and prone to malaria, dengue, for which immediate efforts are being taken along a provision of food, water, shelter, and mosquito nets. Soon massive fumigation is to be started.

She appealed to the federal government to help the Sindh government for the development of drains, LBOD to drain out rainwater otherwise it will breed mosquitoes, and for two years soil would not be ready for cultivation, which will lead to food insecurity and an economical storm.

Aajiz Dhamra said a defeated foreign minister is the missing person for people of the Mirpurkhas division. He is missing in the time of test for his voters and disciples who used to pay him and his family a huge amount since 800 years treating them their spiritual leader. It’s a time to return whatever he and his forefathers have received.

A number of flood-affected people complained to her that they have not been provided tents, water, and food after passing of a week under scorching beams of Sun.


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