Javed Miandad apologizes for allegations, threats to PM Imran Khan


Javed Miandad, the batting hero, has reportedly apologized to Prime Minister Imran Khan for accusing him recently of “destroying Pakistan cricket.”

Miandad had strongly criticized the Premier in a recent video on his YouTube channel, challenging his choices for appointments within the Pakistan Cricket Board, in particular his CEO Wasim Khan.

Miandad, who in his cricket days was considered a trusted lieutenant of PM Imran, had turned against him in the video, accusing him of ignoring local faces and rewarding foreigners.

He had said at one point in the very incoherent, rant that he “made Imran Khan the prime minister” and even tried to go into politics and to fully air his grievances.

But evidently the batting maestro had a change of heart as he issued an apology in a local morning show interview.

“If I have offended anyone, I apologize for my remarks, particularly to the prime minister because I was angry at the first Test against England success of Pakistan,” Miandad is quoted as saying.

“The prime minister and Pakistan cricket fans all over the world I have full respect.”

It is important to note here that Miandad’s public apology comes one day after the announcement of his nephew Faisal Iqbal as the coach for Baluchistan’s first-class team.


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