PPP president Sindh Nisar Khuhro calls for protest against federal conspiracy to occupy Karachi


By Ghulam Mahdi Lund

LARKANA: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Sindh President Nisar Khuhro has appealed to all Sindh residents to take part in a public protest across Sindh on August 19 against the federal conspiracy to occupy Karachi. According to the details, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said in a shared video link that, The issue of Sindh land is not just a PPP issue but a problem of all people living in Sindh. He said We are all sons of “Sindh Dharti” so we all have a duty to play a role to save “Sindh Dharti” Mother. “Karachi in Sindh.

All the people of Sindh should openly participate in the public protest against the conspiracy to occupy Karachi and expose these conspiracies of PTI. The federal government of PTI wants to attack the unity of Sindh in its terror. Now is the time to join hands with all the people of Sindh to destroy the PTI’s intentions against Sindh, said Nisar Khuhro.” The Prime Minister and the Federal Ministers are involved in fomenting daily conspiracies against the Sindh land and inciting the people, he added.

He said that The Prime Minister wants to capture Karachi and rob the NFC of his old ambitions. Nisar Khuhro said, Sindh made the country and this government wants to attack the unity of Sindh’s mother which is a betrayal of the country. Just as Sindh played a role against the Kalabagh Dam and in the MRD movement, now Sindh is ready to play a role by sacrificing its life to save the land, said Nisar Khuhro.

The spokesperson of Nisar Khuhro, Mr. Shakeel Memon has said in a reply of the question that the Karachi Committee is better for the development of Karachi but Peoples Party will not allow Karachi to become anyone’s colony.


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